May 22 2017

By Georgia Holland


South East Art's regional short film competition for young people is now open. YOOFTube is open to everyone aged 12-20 who lives in the Snowy Monaro, Eurobodalla or Bega Valley.

Young filmmakers, even first-timers, are invited to submit short films of less than seven minutes in length, on any subject to South East Arts by 1st of August.

You can film any subject and tell your own story, including drama, comedy, or documentary.

The winner of Best Film last year, Flowers by Laila Bradshaw of Cooma, was only 36 seconds long but was able to tell a story that really captured the judges' attention.

May 22 2017

By Georgia Holland


Rare plants that have not been seen in more than a decade have been rediscovered by four botanists in South East Forests National Park near Bombala.

The group of plant scientists embarked on a field expedition last month and were delighted to find four threatened species.

The trip involved seven hours of trekking through steep rocky gorges and dense undergrowth in a remote part of the national park.

They set out hoping to re-discover the plants but to actually seeing them thriving in the wild they say was very exciting.

Cuttings were taken from the plants and will be grown at the Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra, establishing a living collection and essentially insurance against extinction.

May 17 2017

By Georgia Holland


NSW Labor will support the sale of Snowy Hydro to the Federal Government only if there is a guarantee the scheme stays permanently in public hands and if every dollar from the billions raised is used in regional NSW.

Labor Candidate for Monaro, Bryce Wilson and Shadow Minister Luke Foley were in Queanbeyan earlier, where they announced the policy.
Snowy Hydro Limited is currently owned by NSW (58%), Victoria (29%) and the Commonwealth (13%).

Industry estimates are that NSW’s share would be between $ 4 -5 Billion.

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