Aug 30 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Regional Express Group have announced a quadrupling of profits for the 2017 Financial Year.
Rex announced a Profit Before Tax of $17.8 million on a turnover of $281M. 

Rex Executive Chairman Lim Kim Hai says it's proven to be another challenging year for the aviation industry with Qantas, Air New Zealand and Singapore Airlines all reporting declines in Profit of 17 - 24%.

Rex operates locally out of Cooma airport, where construction upgrades were completed earlier this year.

Member for Monaro, John Barilaro says the impact the upgraded facility will have on local industries will be huge, with estimates suggesting that regional income will increase by $50 million over the next 20 years.

Aug 30 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Snowy Mountains Brumby Sustainability and Management Group have conducted a second aerial population count of the brumby mobs, North of Kosciuszko National Park.

Last month the group called for donations from supporters to conduct a second count. They raised $2,300.

79 sightings of horses were made with a total of 367 horses recorded across the Long Plain landscape.

This compares with 688 horses recorded as part of the initial population survey.

National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Minister of Environments Office reject the numbers counted by the group and will not consider them as part of any submission because no independent witnesses were on the flight.


Aug 29 2017

By Georgia Holland


The National Wild Dog Action Plan have today launched a new video highlighting the success of the cluster fencing project in central western Queensland.
The aim was keeping livestock in and invasive species out, such as wild dogs.
They're currently erecting 2500km of fencing as part of the program which is protecting 1.5 million hectares and encompassing 124 properties.
Prior to the fences being built, the impact of wild dogs was costing producers in western Queensland millions of dollars a year from stock losses and reduced lambing percentages.
Member of a Wild Dog Advisory Group Chris Edgerton says that the cluster fencing is a vital answer in supporting and saving the wool industry.

Earlier this year a southern NSW farmer built a 32-kilometre fence around his property after a spate of wild dog attacks.

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