Mar 09 2012

The Inaugural Snowy Mountains Readers and Writer's Festival nears ever closer, and some special guests will be in attendance.

George Negus and author John Marsden will be attending and getting involved in the festival as part of the National Year of Reading, set to go ahead this easter weekend.

Mr. Marsden is the author of several successful books aimed at teens, and will be running a workshop for young writers.

And while Mr. Negus is a published author, organiser Shaaron Ellis says that he has a special role at the festival, hosting and MCing a number of events.

Mar 08 2012

Some farmers in the Cooma-Monaro region have lost crops, stock and suffered damage to fencing and other property as a result of last week's heavy rains and flooding.

But some are saying it's not all bad.

The massive amount of water received is soaking deep into soil and providing a stronger base for next season's harvest than there otherwise would have been.

Local farmer Laurie Norton is grateful for the recent waters, and looks forward to seeing a bit more water in the well in future.

Mar 08 2012

The SES have warned of renewed minor flooding along the Snowy River as a result of possible releases from Lake Jindabyne over the next several days.

Some residents in Dalgety have voiced their concern over Snowy Hydro's recent attempt to bring forward a larger, annually planned release in order to relieve very high dam levels, saying that it could be detrimental to the local landscape, following so soon after heavy rains.

NSW Water have refused to bring forward the Snowy River Increased Flows program, saying that the program should be used exclusively to achieve maximum environmental outcomes for the region.

However, any smaller releases made to ease flooding on the lake foreshore will not count toward the volume quota of the environmental releases remaining later this year.

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