Mar 20 2012

Calls that Monaro High School was ablaze Saturday night were somewhat exaggerated.

There was a minor arson attempt however - at around 10pm a window was deliberately smashed and some flammable liquid was thrown in before being ignited.

The attack is not believed to be targeted as it was not made to a personal office or classroom.

The broken window actually enters into a hallway.

Investigations are continuing, but beyond the window and some minor heat damage to a door there was no serious destruction.

Mar 20 2012

A crash in Numeralla on the weekend has seen one woman hospitalised with critical injuries, and a man charged with drunk driving.

The crash occurred shortly before 2am Sunday on Carlaminda road when the driver lost control of the vehicle and hit an embarkment.

The 38 year old driver is charged with dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm along with mid range PCA, and Police have confirmed that he has been bailed and will appear in Cooma Local Court on the 4th of April.

Mar 19 2012

The Gillard Government is out of touch on regional and rural access to education opportunities, according to the Coalition's Regional Education spokesperson, Senator Fiona Nash.

Senator Nash is accusing the Labor Government of hypocrisy, following it's response to a senate inquiry into the educational options available to students in rural and regional Australia.

She says that the Gillard Government is misguided in claiming to provide a world-class education to students no matter where they live.

The Coalition spokesperson cites youth allowance means testing - as well as changes to eligibility criteria for financial assistance - as being unfair to students living outside of major metropolitan areas.

Senator Nash asserts that the primary barrier for regional students is financial, and says that she's disappointed that the government does not support a robust allowance scheme for students forced to relocate to study.

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