Feb 28 2012

A record breaking basketball attempt will be made this weekend by a group of students from Monaro High School.

The previous Australian record of continuously played basketball, 28 hours, was set by a group of Monaro Students as part of a New Zealand tour team in 2008, but was beaten.

The current record is held by the Hawksbury District Basketball Association with 31 and a half hours.

This weekend, two teams of 12 players will attempt to regain the title by playing 32 hours of basketball with a one minute break between each game.

It kicks off Saturday morning at 9am at the Cooma Basketball Stadium in Bolaro street, and Student Georgina Clarke says that anyone interested in checking out the action is more than welcome to come along and support the attempt.

Feb 28 2012

The body of an elderly Canberra man who went missing from his home in the ACT last week has been found in a remote area to the north of Adaminaby.

Rowen Osborne of Deakin was found near the Mount Scabby Range Nature reserve shortly after 3pm on Sunday by a passer by.

The 87 year old went missing last monday after driving to withdraw money from a local ATM, less than five minutes from his home.

Mr. Osborne suffered from dementia and parkinsons and had no medication with him at the time, according to reports.

Police say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.

Feb 24 2012

Smoking will be banned in more locations across the Monaro and NSW under extreme new laws announced this week and taking effect in a few months.

The ban will be in effect in outdoor areas wherever food is sold, childrens playgrounds, sporting fields whenever sport is being played and covered bus shelters and taxi ranks.

Smoking outdoors in these locations is expected to carry fines of up to $550.

Heart Foundation and Cancer Council surveys found that 94% of adults agree that playgrounds should be smoke free and 83% support smoke free outdoor dining.

Regional Program Coordinator for the Cancer Council Southern Region, Fran Horne, says it's a great result.

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