Mar 23 2017

By Georgia Holland


The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service is reminding visitors to be aware of accidentally trafficking in exotic pests or weeds to Kosciuszko National Park following a cane toad sighting earlier this month.
A dead cane toad was found by staff in Charlotte Pass, right near one of the most popular viewing platforms of Mt. Kosciuszko and the Main Range.
It’s not known whether the cane toad died in transit or had escaped from a vehicle before dying in the area.

The presence of the poisonous pest is still a cause for concern to NPWS staff.
Resorts and environmental liaison officer David Woods says Aside from the odd sighting, cane toads are not often found in Southern NSW particularly not in alpine environments.


Mar 23 2017

By Georgia Holland


At approximately 6.00pm yesterday all Emergency services responded to a single vehicle rollover approximately 8klm south of Bredbo.

Two people were reported trapped in the vehicle.

Upon arrival the vehicle was on its side and rescue crews had to stabilise the car before an Ambulance officer could climb in and assess the patients.

The windscreen was taken off and the patients were removed from the car.

Both patients were treated at the scene then transferred to Cooma hospital in a satisfactory condition.

Mar 21 2017

By Georgia Holland


Jindabyne local snowboarder Adam Lambert has won the overall Europa Cup Tittle for 2017.

The snowboard cross athlete is currently training and racing on the circuit where he has claimed 3 1st places.

He secured his 1st world cup start in February in Germany, where he achieved 7th place.

This in turn qualified him a spot for Australia at the World Championships in Spain where he came away with 6th place in the final.
Adam Has 1 World cup left in Switzerland this Friday.

He will then fly home to start preparing for the Australian season.

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