Nov 10 2017

By Georgia Holland


A suicide prevention workshop is being held on the 25th of November in Jindabyne.

Wesley LifeForce workshops are designed to help people identify the signs that someone may be at risk of  suicide and what to do. 

They say simple effective interventions can make a real difference and save lives.

The training is open to community members aged over 18 years.

However, the workshop may not be suitable for those recently bereaved by suicide.

The workshop includes certificate of attendance, support material and morning tea.

Nov 09 2017

By Georgia Holland


Michelago Public School celebrates its 150th birthday in early 2018.
Planning is well underway to celebrate the small community’s public school, including efforts to trace descendants of the first teacher – John Jacob -- from the mid-19th century.
They've arranged with a supplier to make available historical paver tiles which can be purchased, and later set in a display at the school to honour the anniversary. 

A small committee of local parents, former students and volunteers from in and around the community of fewer than 600 residents are working to establish contact with former students and their families.

March 24th, 2018 is when the day full of celebrations will take place.

Nov 09 2017

By Georgia Holland


Reverse vending machine kiosks have been installed in Cooma as part of the state’s container deposit scheme rollout.

The kiosk has been installed at the Woolworths Supermarket, representing one kiosk to be installed at or near Woolworths supermarkets across the state ahead of the start of the scheme on December 1st.
Member for Monaro John Barilaro says the scheme will be easy and convenient for people to use.
People will be able to choose to donate their refund directly to selected charities or transfer it to their designated account.
People will also be able to redeem the refund for cash from Woolworths supermarkets or use a credit voucher towards their shopping at Woolworths across NSW.

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