Mar 01 2012

The Evacuation Alert for Cooma is still in effect for flood affected areas, and the situation has worsened.

Creek levels have fluctuated throughout the day, falling at midday by 20 centimetres, but rising again since, by over two and a half metres in one hour.

500 homes have been evacuated, with the SES doorknocking and organising support for flood threatened buildings.

Most locals were successfully evacuated by midday according to the SES, with emergency personnel remaining on standby and currently responding to requests for assistance at affected properties.

Michael Ebern of the SES says that the evacuation alert will be downgraded when waters and weather subside.

The Coles supermarket in town has shut for the day along with several other businesses, as water managed to enter some residences.

Mayor of the Cooma Monaro Shire Dean lynch is thankful that there have been no reported injuries during the day.

The danger isn't relegated to cooma alone however, with reports of a car involved in an accident approximately ten kilometers outside of Berridale in the direction of Jindabyne.

The road from Perisher to Charlottes Pass has been closed, and Kosciuszko Road may be closed if water levels rise further.

The Monaro and Snowy Mountains Highways remain open at the moment, but there are road closures and detours in effect across the region and motorists are advised to drive safely and avoid flood affected areas.

Feb 29 2012

There's a flood evacuation warning in Cooma, active now.

While this does not mean that residents are being asked to evacuate immediately, the SES is advising that with heavy rain developing over the region, residents in Cooma are being advised to prepare for a potential flood evacuation.

The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a flood watch for the town, indicating a greater than 70% chance of major flooding.

Any people and businesses along the Cooma Creek, Cooma Back Creek or low-lying surrounding areas should be prepared to leave at short notice for higher ground or to a temporary evacuation centre, set up at the Cooma Ex-Services Club in Vale street.

Phil Campbell of the SES is reminding everyone not to drive, ride or walk through flood waters, to keep clear of creeks and storm drains.

Feb 28 2012

There are calls for more closed circuit tv cameras to be installed around Cooma, in an attempt to deter crime.

The installations would also assist police in solving more crimes, as evidenced recently following the arrest of a man in connection with a break in at the Cooma dog pound thanks to a nearby CCTV camera that captured the event.

Members of the local police have called for more cameras at key locations, however Cooma-Monaro Shire Mayor Dean Lynch has shot down the request, citing costs and an already low crime rate.

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