Apr 13 2012

Investigations are under way to determine the cause of the fire that razed a business in Bombala to the ground today.

Nolan Auto Parts & Industrial Supplies burnt down this morning after a blaze engulfed the building on Maybe St. at around 9am this morning.

The Fire is now reported as under control, and The RFS are currently assisting Fire and Rescue.

No injuries have been reported, and Fire and Rescue NSW says that work will continue for some time, blacking out and monitoring the remains.

Apr 12 2012

The Fair Trading Commissioner has been instructed to investigate the price gap between E10 ethanol blend and premium unleaded fuel.

Fair Trading Minister, Anthony Roberts, says that it's difficult to understand why there is a difference of up to more than eleven cents per litre between the two, when the wholesale price difference is often only two cents.

If the gap is not found to be justified, or if evidence of price gouging is revealed, Mr. Roberts says that the Federal Govenrment will be expected to take decisive action.

Apr 11 2012

The man who escaped from a Goulburn prison and led police on a manhunt that ended in Delegate in February is set to appear in Goulburn Criminal Court today.

23 year old Mark Maukau, who is currently serving time for armed robbery, was discovered missing from the minimum security section of the jail on the third of February.

Police allege he stole a car from an elderly couple and threatened them with a screwdriver.

Originally police thought that Maukau was heading towards western Sydney, but found him instead in the Monaro near Bombala.

Originally facing court in February, Maukau did not enter a plea to the charges, he was formally refused bail, and will re-appear in court today.

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