Apr 26 2012

Worm-farming and composting will be the topic of a new series of workshops to be held in the Snowy River Shire.

It's an attempt to reduce the amount of green waste going to landfill, and coincides with the sale of worm farming equipment by the council.

The information sessions will be held in Berridale and Jindabyne on the 12th and 13th of May, and Waste Education Officer from the Snowy River Shire Council  Margie Ferguson says that worm farming can be a valuable practice to get into.

Apr 26 2012

A ten year Eco Pass has been granted to an Adaminaby business by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Reynella rides have been providing horseriding adventures in the Snowy Mountains for 40 years now, and the Eco Pass is recognition of the fact that their business is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.

The pass was presented by Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker and Member for Monaro John Barilaro, and Rosalyn Rudd from Reynella Rides says that it's a great honour to be recognised for their work.

Apr 23 2012

$100,000 of funding through the NSW Environmental Trust is now set to benefit the koala population around the Cooma Monaro region.

The money will go to field further study into what are two distinct genotypes of koala, not found anywhere else in Australia.

Project coordinator Chris Allen from the Office of Environment and Heritage says that the local population is actually unique in a few ways, and as their numbers appear to be remaining steady over time, further study may lead to benefit declining koala numbers in other regions.

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