Mar 15 2012

Recent rains have stalled, but not stopped the progress of conservation work at Mackays Hut.

The hut was originally constructed on Happy Jacks Plain by the Mackay family, who came to Kiandra in the eighteen sixties from Ireland, before opening a store in Adaminaby and finally moving into grazing.

Work on the the historically recognised building has seen it's chimney entirely rebuilt, rotten footings replaced and the removal of bonded asbestos.

Ranger for the Jagungal area of Kosciuszko National Park, Andrew Miller, says that the hut is a valuable resource that people use year-round, and they're even hoping for descendents of the hut's original builders to make a trip to visit the building in April.

Mar 15 2012

A bus service from Cooma to Canberra that commenced three weeks ago is being met with enthusiasm by members of the local community and those along it's route.

The Cooma Connector has made some minor alterations to it's schedule - it now provides a stop to the airport - and what began as a three month trial is now tentatively being tipped as a success by organiser and local Councillor Martin Hughes.

Mr. Hughes says he's very happy with the way it's been received so far, pointing to a facebook page in support of the service established by enthusiastic rider.

Mar 15 2012

Work to repair the section of the Snowy Mountains Highway damaged in a landslide during floods a fortnight ago continues this week, following excavation work to clear loose and wet material from the slip.

New South Wales Road and Maritime Service is confident that if weather conditions remain consistent, the road will be re-opened in a little over three weeks.

Member for Monaro John Barilaro has welcomed the news, labelling the effort from RMS phenomenal.

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