Feb 09 2012

Federal Member for Eden-Monaro Mike Kelly has responded to Member for Monaro John Barilaro's call for assistance resolving radio and mobile telephone blackspots in the region.

Earlier this week Mr. Barilaro told 2XL that it's one of the most common complaints he hears in his position, and called on the federal government to invest directly in a radio repeater in Braidwood and a number of mobile phone towers across the entire region.

Mr Kelly insists that negotiations are ongoing with Telstra and reception will improve, but could not commit to total coverage in the future.

Feb 08 2012

Information for those living with or affected by alzheimers will be available in Jindabyne, Cooma and Berriedale this week, when the Memory Van rolls into town.

The Alzheimer’s Australia Memory Van is a mobile education resource that travels statewide to help raise awareness on the importance of brain health and dementia risk reduction.

The Memory Van provides communities with information designed to help educate and assist those living with dementia, their carers and health professionals on the disease - as yet, there is no cure.

1,300 new cases of dementia are diagnosed a week in Australia and a third of Australians with dementia live in NSW.

Verity Jackson of the Alzheimers Foundation encourages anyone who may have questions about alzheimers to get some answers when the van is nearby.

Feb 08 2012

The National Farmers Federation are looking to set the future direction of the Agricultural sector, and they are calling on Monaro producers to offer valuable input.

The NFF are putting together a blueprint for Australian Agriculture and are calling on farmers to fill in an online survey to help identify current issues, challenges and opportunities in the industry.

The information will ultimately be used to outline a draft guideline for the industry, which will be presented to the Government at the end of 2012.

NFF President Jock Laurie says that with increasing demand on the agricultural industry, farmers need to address the current issues facing the sector.

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