Aug 02 2013

Palmer United Party candidate for Eden-Monaro, Dean Lynch, says federal Labor has proven increasing taxes doesn't solve the issues facing Australia's economy.

Mr Lynch says Australia's politicians run the biggest balance sheet in the country and their answer to everything is to increase taxes or slash funding.

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be looking to stimulate the economy instead of simply making more cuts to previous Treasurer Wayne Swan's budget and increasing taxes," Mr Lynch said.

"The Palmer United Party will make more funds available to Australian families and businesses by reducing taxes - that will encourage more circulation of money."

Jul 24 2013

The Alpine Way between two kilometres west of Thredbo to Khancoban will remain closed until at least early next week, as crews continue their work to remove debris and repair damage caused by a rock fall on Sunday night.

The landslip resulted in debris, including rock and soil, to damage the fence and fall across the road.

Another rock fall last night means planned repair work will need to be expanded until at least Monday to ensure the road is safe for travel.

The Roads and Maritime Services inspected the road yesterday and Tumbarumba Shire Council began preliminary work to stabilise the slope next to the road and remove the debris.

An RMS spokesperson is advising motorists intending to travel on the Alpine Way between Khancoban and Thredbo near the NPWS gate at Thredbo will be redirected to travel via the Snowy Mountains Highway, through Tumut, Tumbarumba and on to Khancoban.

Motorists are being advised to delay non-essential travel, as the detour is expected to add about three and a half hours to the journey.

Traffic control measures and electronic signs are in place at Khancoban, Jindabyne and Tumbarumba to direct motorists.

More information is available through contacting the Transport Management Centre on 132 701 or at

Jul 17 2013

South African expats are calling on Cooma-Monaro Shire Council to update a flag on display from the apartheid era.

The flag is one of 28 erected in Cooma in 1959 to celebrate the many nationalities involved in the building of the Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme. However, some of them are outdated - including the United States' flag featuring only 49 stars.

The South Africa High Commission requested for the flag's removal, which was rejected by the local council.

"People have to understand that the Avenue of Flags is part of the rich history we have here in the Monaro," Cooma Mayor Dean Lynch explained.

"The 28 flags represent the people who worked on the Scheme as of 1959. People are trying to make it a political statement, but it's not," he said.

"It's just history, and you can't change history. Those flags were the historical flags of the day."

Clr Lynch says he's happy for the new South African flag to be raised as well, but has said there are no circumstances under which the old one will be removed.

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