May 22 2012

The group submission to the Countrylink Inquiry is being labelled a success this week by coordinators.

Joan Bird from Jindabyne led the charge to gather community submissions to the inquiry, in an attempt to raise Government awareness and call for the introduction of a public bus service to the Snowy Mountains Region taking in Jindabyne, Berridale and Dalgety.

26 people contributed to the group submission, and almost as many contributed individually.

Joan says it's a brilliant result, and hopes that they lead to the introduction of a fixed service in future.

May 22 2012

A local man has recently made it to the top of Mount Everest, and is now making his slow descent.

Andreas Breitfuss has spent months training for his second trip to the Himalayas, culminating in his reaching the summit of Everest, Saturday local time.

Weather prevented his group from reaching the top initially, but after some setbacks he and the Canadian organisation he is travelling with managed to reach the peak.

Andreas' father says that it's a great accomplishment, and that Andreas had something very important to do once he'd reached the top - call his mother.

May 21 2012

The Monbeef abattoir in Cooma will be required to adhere to a new set of training and supervision standards as part of a national plan following the shocking inhumane treatment of animals at the Hawkesbury abattoir earlier this year.

Now, abattoirs all across NSW will see the implementation of minimum mandatory training for workers, as well as a designated welfare officer on-site.

It's a move designed to eliminate the potential for animal cruelty, and it's being welcomed by Shadow Minister for Primary Industries, Steve Whan.

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