Apr 20 2012

Kalkite has topped a ranking of the worst performing NSW suburbs for making a property investment, with nearby Jindabyne and East Jindabyne not far behind.

The list is formulated via the regions DSR scores, which are based on demand to supply ratios.

The best possible DSR score is 48, Kalkite rated a mere four.

Ben Clancy from Raine and Horne Jindabyne says that the figures are misleading as they're skewed toward investment properties, and the regions face extreme fluctuations in population between the winter and summer months.

It's a factor that leads more consistently populated regions to higher DSR scores.

Apr 19 2012

Climate Action Monaro has responded to the National Greenhouse Accounts released this week, saying that the report highlights the need for urgent action on climate change if the increase in global temperatures is to be kept to two degrees.

President of Climate Action Monaro, Jenny Goldie, says that while Australia is on-track to abide by the Kyoto protocol target of staying within 108% of levels established in 1990, carbon levels are still rising and need to be curbed.

Ms. Goldie says that the carbon tax is a step in the right direction.

Apr 19 2012

Member for Monaro John Barilaro is working to smooth things over between Southern Area Health and the Cooma Monaro Renal Dialysis Group after some issues have arisen between the two groups.

The local volunteer group had secured $1,000,000 of funding as part of Mr. Barilaro's pre-election commitment, however reports suggest that there is disagreement over the progression of the new facility - in particular it's exact location.

The Local Member yesterday met with the Head of Southern Area Health Dr. Maxwell Alexander, and says he is determined to deliver on his promise.

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