Oct 23 2014

From Andrew Page in the Radio Snowy Mountains Newsroom:

The Snowy Mountains Neighbourhood Centre is set to undergo a major refurbishment thanks to a $40,220 Community Building Partnership grant from the NSW Government.

The refurbishment will provide better access, more space and a private meeting room for confidential sessions at the centre.

The centre already offers information, referrals, free Wi-Fi plus affordable printing, faxing and scanning services

The centre had over 1000 visitors during the ski season this year, with up to 50 visitors a day during peak periods.

Oct 23 2014

From Andrew Page in the Radio Snowy Mountains Newsroom:

South East Local Land Services says all major Wild Dog Baiting Programs are coming to an end for the season and so far the program appears to have been a huge success.

The news follows a state wide announcement yesterday from the Minister or Primary Industries involving the laying of 3850 baits across 27 local properties and national park land, covering 16000 hectares.

Senior Bio Security Officer from Local Land Services Ben Serafin said the programs have been extensive in the Snowy Mountains & Monaro.

“This had large scale broad-scale baiting involving private and public land managers, we've also had our aerial bating programs finish up and that was in the Adaminaby area, working in conjunction with The National Parks & Wildlife Service,” Mr Serafin said.

“There is still the odd wild dog about, but generally across the broader region is has been very successful,” he said.

Oct 21 2014

From Andrew Page in the Radio Snowy Mountains Newsroom:

Free to air TV Frequencies are going to change tomorrow for Jindabyne and Thredbo Residents.

It's all part of a National Move to clear up frequencies for new services like Mobile Broadband.

All frequencies will change, Retune is simple for most systems.

Press the menu button and follow the Auto-Tune options.

Some equipment will change automatically.

If you get stuck call 1800 20 10 13.

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