May 24 2012

The Superclinic being developed for Jindabyne is on track, as designs continue to be worked on following a period of consultation.

The five million dollar facility will ultimately provide a much needed emergency medical facility to the Jindabyne and surrounding alpine region.

Right now serious incidents must be treated at the nearest facility in Cooma, at least fifty kilometres away.

It's set to be built over the carpark in front the CWA buildings in Thredbo Terrace, and Snowy River Shire Mayor John Cahill says that the structure will ultimately be built with the potential for expansion in future.

May 23 2012

A 75 year old woman had to be freed from a vehicle on the Snowy Mountains Highway yesterday afternoon following a two car accident.

She was taken to Wagga Base Hospital in a serious but stable condition, while another 64 year old woman was transported to Canberra Hospital.

The crash occurred about ten kilometers south of the Yarrangobilly caves, and emergency personnel were on-site shortly before 4:30pm.

Traffic was closed in both directions for a time, but the highway was reopened an hour later.

May 22 2012

The group submission to the Countrylink Inquiry is being labelled a success this week by coordinators.

Joan Bird from Jindabyne led the charge to gather community submissions to the inquiry, in an attempt to raise Government awareness and call for the introduction of a public bus service to the Snowy Mountains Region taking in Jindabyne, Berridale and Dalgety.

26 people contributed to the group submission, and almost as many contributed individually.

Joan says it's a brilliant result, and hopes that they lead to the introduction of a fixed service in future.

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