Mar 02 2012

The Evacuation order is still in effect for Cooma, however things are looking up after yesterday's rain saw 500 homes in town evacuated by the SES.

At around midday, creek levels dropped by 20 cms, however a late surge saw them rise again, by more than two and a half metres in less than an hour.

Cooma is one of the worst flood-affected areas, as waters the size of France lash 75% of New South Wales, seeing more than 1,600 people under evacuation orders state-wide.

There have been no serious injuries reported as a result of the floods.

Colin Malone of the SES says that last night was successfully managed, but that SES personnel will remain in action until rains and waters subside.

The Bureau of Meteorology warns that locals should still be aware that rains will continue to bombard Cooma throughout the weekend.

Mar 02 2012

Just shy of 100 cyclists will pass through the Snowy Mountains region next week as part of the Mountains to Beach race.

The five-day race charts a course from Thredbo to Narooma on the coast, and is designed to test every aspect of a rider's repertoire - uphill, downhill, cross country, marathon and riding under lights.

Organiser Huw Kingston says they'll pass through Cooma on Wednesday the seventh; of course, weather permitting.

Mar 02 2012

Today is Clean Up Australia Day, but this Sunday will see a team of volunteers heading to Kosciuszko National Park to remove garbage left by litterbugs.

Rains have affected areas of the park and some patches will be off limits for as long as it takes for waters to clear - it could potentially be weeks.

Environmental Liason Officer with National Parks, Sally Miller, says that despite flooding the clean up will go on.

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