Jul 12 2013

Small businesses across the Monaro are set to benefit from a new Coalition plan to reduce regulations.

Newsagents, dry cleaners, butchers, restaurant, fruit shops and other small businesses in the region are expected to increase productivity as a result of the reforms, which were announced this week by Liberal candidate for Eden-Monaro, Peter Hendy.

"No matter where I go through Eden-Monaro, small business owners and community groups tell me they are spending more time than ever complying with red tape," Mr Hendy said.

"Small business owners are expected to be the chief salesperson, the HR manager, the financial controller and the lawyer. It's a tough ask at the best of times, and even tougher when you are expected to comply with more and more regulation."

Mr. Hendy said the policy will aim to cut $1 billion in red and green tape costs every year - meaning more jobs, more productivie business and less costs to consumers and taxpayers.


Jul 12 2013

A road reconstruction project on Dalgety Road near Bates Bridge is scheduled to begin next month.

Snowy River Shire Council is advising that motorists travelling through the area between the Bridge and Dalgety should plan to add about ten minutes to their journey, as a slip road will be in place and traffic lights installed during the roadworks.

The project is scheduled to begin on or around the 12th of August and last for around six weeks.

"Earlier this year, we completed Bates Bridge project. This now follows on from that, and takes out a lot of the blind spots over that first kilometre of road heading towards Dalgety," said the Council's Operations Manager, Gary Shakespeare.

For further information, please contact the Council directly.


Jul 09 2013

Native animals throughout the Snowy Mountains are expected to benefit from radical changes to hunting laws.

WIRES is welcoming the recent reforms introduced by the State Government, which will see strict regulations applied to all pest control management and recreational hunting.

"Since the announcement of the Supplementary Pest Control Program in May 2012, our organisation has witnessed a spike in the number of native animals brought into care with injuries resulting from illegal hunting incidents," says Leanne Taylor, General Manger of WIRES.

"We've seen a horrific number of kangaroos pierced with arrows over the past year, so WIRES is particularly pleased to hear that bow and arrow hunting will not be taking place in our national parks."

The organisation is calling on the Government to continue investing in policing illegal hunting activity across the state.

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