Dec 03 2014

From Andrew Page in the Local News Room:

The regions coalition of Brumby advocates have been trying to set up a meeting with NSW Environment Minister Rob Stokes.

Back in September, President of the Snowy Mountains Bush Users Group Peter Cochran, met informally with the minister at a press conference in Cooma where Mr Stokes said “he is certainly happy to meet with anyone” when asked about the Brumby Issue in Kosciuszko National Park.

All attempts to meet with the Minster appear to have failed

Mr Cochran said it has outraged Brumby groups.

“We've found that Environment Minister Rob Stokes is a waste of time, and we've had several attempts to meet with him where he's made an appointment and then cancelled at short notice and that's done nothing more than outrage the Brumby advocate groups,” Mr Cochran said.

“We're also not entirely satisfied with responses he's given and the decisions he's made,” he said.

“For example abolition of smoking in Kosciuszko National Park effectively rules out around 20 per cent of the population from going in there if they're habitual addicted nicotine addicts”.

2XL invited Rob Stokes to reply, he declined to comment.

Dec 03 2014

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Prospective students across the Snowy Mountains will get an opportunity to review courses for next year when TAFE holds it's choices day.

This includes Cooma TAFE plus the Jindabyne & Bombala learning centres.

Choices day is a great opportunity for prospective students to explore options for 2015.

Staff will be on hand to discuss and give advice on courses and careers.

The Cooma Campus will hold their session in the Campus Restaurant from 9am til 1pm.

Jindabyne will hold their session in the TAFE building at the Sport & Rec centre between 10am to midday and Bombala at the high school trade centre from 10am to midday.

Dec 02 2014

From Andrew Page in the Local Newsroom:

Representatives from Cooma Challenge, Cooma-Monaro Shire Council, local schools and other community groups are going to mark the International Day of People with Disability this Friday.

The event which is on from 11am to 1.30pm in Centennial park, will include a performance by Cooma Public School Choir, craft activities, free massages and a vintage fire engine.

PR Coordinator with Cooma Challenge Limited Caroline Fox says the day is for everyone and highlights the fact that just because someone has a disability, does not mean that they cannot live a normal life.

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