Sep 12 2013

Two community groups have just been awarded NRMA Insurance grants to help them continue their vital services.

The Bumbalong Valley Progress Association has received $5000 for their 'BVPA Home Safe Plans' Project, and Colinton Rural Fire Brigade was awarded $1700 for their 'Firefighting Blowers' project.

The NRMA's Michelle Mohr, who presented both organisations with their grants at the NRMA office in Cooma on Friday, says their program is about supporting local groups who are committed to making their communities safer in the areas of crime prevention, road safety and emergency plans.

Cooma Monaro shire deputy mayor, Bronnie Taylor, was on hand to present both organisations with their certificates, and says the grants will make a real difference.

"These are two tremendous community groups who have received grants from the NRMA," she said.

"It's going to make a real difference in helping them work towards keeping their communities safe."


Aug 15 2013

A convicted murderer who briefly escaped from Cooma jail earlier this year will spend no extra time behind bars.

Adam Bowhay, 35, sparked a major manhunt in February this year when he walked off into the bush while on work release with the local council.

He'd already served 16 years of his 23 year sentence for the stabbing murder of Stephen Jarvis in 1997.

When he escaped this year, all he had with him was a backpack full of tools and a rope stolen from the local rugby club shed.

Bowhay faced Goulburn District Court on Wednesday and explained it wasn't pre-meditated, and he'd regretted his decision instantly.

"It was just spur of the moment," he said.

"I wish I could have turned around and gone back. I found out later they didn't know I'd been gone for an hour and a half."

When authorities discovered he was missing, a large-scale search was established.

He was found two days later after police received a tip-off from the public about a man matching his description walking along a rural road near Bredbo.

In court, all parties accepted Bowhay's attempt was at the less serious end of the charge, although Judge Charteris asserted there was a need for some punishment to act as a deterrent for other inmates.

He sentenced him to another 18 months imprisonment, but reduced that to just nine months due to the special circumstances.

The sentencing allows Bowhay to apply again for parole at his next scheduled opportunity early in 2014.

Aug 02 2013

Palmer United Party candidate for Eden-Monaro, Dean Lynch, says federal Labor has proven increasing taxes doesn't solve the issues facing Australia's economy.

Mr Lynch says Australia's politicians run the biggest balance sheet in the country and their answer to everything is to increase taxes or slash funding.

"Prime Minister Kevin Rudd should be looking to stimulate the economy instead of simply making more cuts to previous Treasurer Wayne Swan's budget and increasing taxes," Mr Lynch said.

"The Palmer United Party will make more funds available to Australian families and businesses by reducing taxes - that will encourage more circulation of money."

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