May 31 2012

Greens NSW Firearms Spokesperson David Shoebridge is expressing his disbelief at the deal struck between the O'Farrell Government and the Shooters Party, that will see hunters given expanded access to national parks, including areas of Kosciuszko.

Most surprisingly, says Mr Shoebridge, is the blatant and open nature of the deal, in which O'Farrell has openly given the increased hunting access to the Shooters Party, in acknowledged exchange for their vote to help pass legislation backing the sale of state electricity generators.

Mr. Shoebridge says that O'Farrell has sold out his voters, and that the situation is shameless.

May 31 2012

Regional Australia Minister Simon Crean has responded to criticisms of the Government's dropping of the Promoting Regional Living initiative.

The scheme would have provided grants of up to a million dollars to local councils in an attempt to attract capital city people to make a seachange, providing a boost to regional areas such as Cooma and across the Monaro.

Nationals Senator Deputy Leader Fiona Nash says that the plan would have been worthwhile, and is accusing Labor of a cash grab, scrapping the program in an attempt to shore up the budget.

Minister Crean says that it wasn't an easy decision, and that the money has been reallocated to other regional priorities in the preparation of that budget.

May 30 2012

In an open deal, the O'Farrell Government are giving hunters more access to national parks including Kosciuszko, in direct exchange for their vote for the passage of legislation to sell off state electricity generators.

The Shooters and Fishers party says that it's an extension to the existing feral animal control policy, but the Greens say that it's about recreational hunting and dirty deals, 

They believe that Mr. O'Farrell has sold out the people of NSW by breaking earlier promises to not make deals with minor parties and to turn national parks into hunting reserves.

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