Mar 27 2012

Residents in Cooma and Bombala should keep an eye out for cyclists on their roads over the next week - one of them will be opposition leader Tony Abbott.

Right now a group of charity cyclists including Mr. Abbott are riding in Pollie pedalling, an annual event in which riders raise awareness and money for a charity of their choice.

This year it's Carer's Australia, and the route they're taking runs nearly 1,000kms from Geelong in Victoria all the way to Canberra.

One in eight Australians is an unpaid carer, working to make the lives of family and loved ones easier, and carer Terry Stroud says that the group hope to pass through Bombala and Cooma on the 30th and 31st.

Mar 27 2012

Dog owners in the Cooma Monaro Shire who do not comply with or take seriously council notices regarding dangerous animals will now face a stricter system.

In response to a number of recent attacks, owners of dogs who have previously been notified or issued warnings will be hit with a fine if the animal reoffends, to be determined on a case-by-case basis.

It's believed that there have been six separate incidents of dogs attacking people, other dogs and livestock since the beginning of the year and one dog has already been put down.

Director of Environmental Services at the Cooma Monaro Shire Council Peter Smith says that some dog owners are neglecting their legal responsibilities.

Mar 23 2012

An historic Monaro location will be showcased tomorrow, following a period of significant upgrade.

The Numeralla Diggers Memorial Hall has undergone work undertaken by local contractors and volunteers, made possible through a combination of government grants and community fundraising.

The upgrades see a new roof and refurbished floors, new insulation, an upgrade to bar and kitchen facilities and a fresh coat of paint to top it all off.

Events kick off at 4pm with an afternoon tea, before the official opening at 5pm, and Lloyd Smith says that a time capsule will be buried as part of the day's events.

He says they've learned from the past, as the last time capsule buried in Numeralla in the 1970s is still yet to be found.

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