Jul 19 2017

By Georgia Holland


The National Parks and Wildlife Service is inviting people to have their say on the preliminary Master Plan for Waste Point to improve visitor enjoyment of the little-known precinct on the shores of Lake Jindabyne.
NPWS Director Mick Pettitt says the purpose of the Plan is to enable opportunities to take Waste Point in Kosciuszko National Park from an operational facility to a nature-based recreation precinct.
They're exploring ways to revitalize the area, respect its history and encourage summer visitation to the Snowy Region.
There are currently 16 cottages scattered across the site.
They say there is a real opportunity to turn the cottages into sustainable nature-based accommodation that brings park visitors back into the precinct as a base for bushwalking and water-based activities.
NPWS will host an ‘open-house’ information session in Jindabyne on Friday the 11th of August.

Jul 19 2017

By Georgia Holland


Jindabyne Fire and Rescue are warning drivers in the region to stay safe on wet roads, after attending an accident yesterday afternoon.

The 338 crew were called to a vehicle rollover on the Alpine Way just outside of Jindabyne.

Thankfully no one was injured and both occupants managed to get themselves out of the car.

They say it serves as a timely reminder that roads can be slippery and need to be driven with care and to the conditions.

The cold rain continued on and off for the day yesterday and they ask that drivers take extra care driving in the mountains.

Jul 18 2017

By Georgia Holland


The elector information campaign began yesterday to support the NSW Local Government Council Elections to be held Saturday, 9th of September this year.

46 of the 128 local councils in NSW are holding elections.

All other councils had their elections in September last year.

The first phase of the campaign urges voters to check and update their enrolment details, or enrol for the first time.

Nominations for councillor and mayor open on Monday, 31st of July.

Candidates will then have until noon on Wednesday, 9th of August to nominate.

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