Mar 06 2017

By Georgia Holland

Jindabyne Central School is one of 137 schools across the state participating in the “Bump It Up” strategy.  

The Department of Education has developed a range of initiatives to enhance literacy and numeracy learning outcomes for students.

Bump It Up aims to ensure all students have essential skills they need for success in learning and in life.    

The school says it's their intention to raise student achievement at all levels and all stages, spending just on $100,000 per year on Teacher and Support Staff training to build skills and knowledge.

Mar 03 2017

By Georgia Holland


On Tuesday the 14th of March a Solicitor from Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre will be visiting Cooma to provide free legal advice to women.

The Centre also has a drop-in clinic on Tuesday mornings at Cooma for both men and women who have debt issues.

Shoalcoast is situated in Nowra but is funded to provide free legal services to women living in South East NSW.

They also provide weekly telephone legal advice sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Mar 03 2017

By Georgia Holland


A weather warning has been issued by the Bureau of Meteorology for the Snowy Mountains.

A low is expected to develop off the central or southern part of the coast.

Heavy rain and thunderstorms may lead to flash flooding today and tomorrow.
100 mm of rain are possible in some parts of the warning areas.

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