Nov 24 2017

Zachary Gates

Member for Monaro John Barilaro has revealed Jindabyne’s Garden Trout Hatchery will host a ‘Get Hooked: It’s Fun to Fish’ workshop next week.

Mr Barilaro says it's a great educational program designed to introduce primary school students in NSW to sustainable recreational fishing.

He says the program provides students with the basic skills necessary for recreational fishing, with the view it will become a lifelong interest.

It's believed the initiative also introduces students to the concept of sustaining quality aquatic habitats by practicing safe and responsible fishing.

'Throw the little ones back' and 'Don't leave your tackle behind' are just a couple of lessons the program covers.
The program is run using funds from the Recreational Fishing Trusts, and with the assistance of Fishcare Volunteers the program allows teachers to deliver in-class fish-related lessons to students. 

Seventy schools registered for the program this year, and more than 4,100 students participated.

Nov 24 2017

Zachary Gates

Thredbo's Mountain Bike Park is gearing up for its second weekend of action since opening for the summer.

The track is open for riding between November and April every year and opened its doors for the 2017/18 summer last weekend.

Sunday will see the inaugural running of an event called 'Downhill Dudes', a clinic run by former Downhill Junior World Champion Ben Cory.

Run between 9:30am and 3:00pm, Thredbo says the event promises to prove an ideal clinic for male all-mountain and cross-country riders who are keen to learn the fundamentals of downhill mountain-biking.

Entry costs $60 per person.

Nov 22 2017

By Zachary Gates

A Cooma farmer has placed second in the irrigated section of the inaugural National Maize Competition.

Hosted by the Maize Association of Australia, the contest challenges farmers to produce the highest irrigated or dryland yield in the country.

Cooma local Ian Hamano placed second behind Nathan Heckendorf of Narrandera, garnering a yield of 17.05 tonne per hectare, compared to the winning mark of 18.36 tonne.

The results come in the aftermath of National Agriculture Day which took place yesterday, an annual event that recognises the contribution Australian farmers make to the nation.

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