Sep 20 2017

By Georgia Holland


NSW Ambulance paramedics are reminding local farmers to take safety precautions when around livestock, following several serious incidents on Saturday.

NSW Ambulance Superintendent Steve Flanagan says incidents involving livestock and vehicles such as quad bikes and tractors lead to significant injuries and even death.

Data shows paramedics responded to 152 incidents involving cows and 106 involving bulls since July 2015.

Superintendent Flanagan says to assist paramedics in attending incidents that occur in remote locations, people should provide as much information as possible when speaking to Triple Zero.

Sep 20 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Michelago Rural Fire Brigade say now is the time to start planning and preparing your home and family for the upcoming Bush Fire Season. 

They'll be holding a get ready day on the 30th September between 9am and 1pm at the Michelago General Store, where locals can talk to fire fighters on how to prepare homes and Bush Fire Survival Plans.

The Climate Council is warning Australia’s upcoming bushfire season will be more severe and dangerous, as a result of worsening climate change.

A largely warm and dry winter has set the scene for dangerous bushfire conditions over the coming months.

Sep 19 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Monaro Local Area Command are appealing to the community after ski gear was stolen. 

They say one of the top international freeride/freestyle skiers was in Jindabyne over the weekend.

Sometime on Friday night someone has stolen his skiing and safety equipment as well as protective clothing from his vehicle.

He's sponsored by Rip Curl from Canada and the items are not available for purchase.

They were provided by the company for him to use in his competitions.

Meaning he may not be able to compete in the upcoming competition at Mt Buller.

Police have released photos of the items, and say if anyone has seen them, please contact local police or Crime Stoppers.

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