Mar 08 2017

By Georgia Holland


Friends of the Monaro Rail Trail are asking for the community to sign their petition.

The petition is aiming to seek support from Member for Monaro John Barilaro.

They are calling upon Barilaro to support the campaign to develop a recreational corridor for cyclists, walkers and runners along the disused rail corridor from Queanbeyan to Bombala.

The petition has already received over 400 signatures.

The group say the trail could bring an estimated $15 million annually into local economies.

Mar 08 2017

By Georgia Holland


Representatives from Bendigo bank, along with Council’s support, will be holding a public forum on April 5th to provide more information on Bendigo Bank coming to Bombala.

Bombala LRC members, Gabby Rea and Steve Goodyer along with administrator for Snowy Monaro Regional Council Dean Lynch met with Bendigo Bank recently, and discussed how implementing the bank would be beneficial to the wider Bombala community.

Due to the upcoming closure of the Westpac Bombala branch, it is felt that the community needs more than one bank, and a bank that is open five days a week.

Dean Lynch says the option of a community bank could be a good fit for Bombala because potential profits will flow back into the community while providing an essential service.

Mar 06 2017

By Georgia Holland

Snowy River and Cooma SES are now recruiting new volunteers. The groups are encouraging the community to get involved.

Volunteers will start on the 14th of March at 7pm at the headquarters in Leesville Estate and Polo Flat.

If residents wish to find out more information they are welcome to go along to the units.

The SES is an emergency and rescue service dedicated to assisting the community in storms, floods and tsunamis.

It is made up almost entirely of volunteers, with 228 units located throughout NSW. The units comprise of approximately 10,000 volunteer members.

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