May 11 2017

By Georgia Holland


Free ‘Demystifying Solar’ seminars for businesses and households will be held in Cooma at the Alpine Hotel on the 17th of May.
The seminar will explain the different types of solar technology available and the trends in solar power use in Australia and around the world.
Around 800 people attended the seminars held last year across the region and since then more than 50% of those surveys have either installed solar or are in the process of getting quotes.

May 10 2017

By Georgia Holland


Snowy Monaro Regional Council is advising ratepayers of changes to the NSW Government’s Fire and Emergency Services Levy.

The new system will come into effect on the 1st of July, with Councils across the state collecting the levy on behalf of the NSW Government.

The Government says the new system is fairer and will fund fire and emergency services across the state.

At the moment, individuals and businesses that buy property insurance contribute the majority of funding for the services.
The amount of the Levy for each property will be set by the Government and determined by land classifications and unimproved land values.
If you disagree with your property’s classification, you can request a review by Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

May 10 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Government is investing $75 billion in infrastructure funding and financing, as announced as part of the federal budget last night.
They are establishing a $472 million Regional Growth Fund that aims to deliver infrastructure to ensure regional areas do not miss out on Australia’s growth.

As part of the announcement, a potential buy back of the snowy hydro scheme was mentioned.

Treasurer Scott Morrison  says, talks are already under way with NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to buy back the state's share of the scheme.

The Sydney morning herald reports a memorandum of understanding has already been signed by the Berejiklian government, as they are expected to take up the offer.

Talks with the Andrews Victorian government have not advanced as far.

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