Dec 01 2017

Zachary Gates

The NSW SES has alerted locals to a flood watch issued for the Snowy River catchment.

The state emergency body says the combination of a cold front and humid air has the potential to cause local and riverine flooding from Friday onwards.

The SES says locals who either live or work alongside the river or associated streams must monitor weather forecasts and warnings.

Locals are also advised to be prepared to move to higher ground in the event of rising water, and to avoid driving, riding or walking through floodwater at all times.

Community members are urged to contact the SES if in danger of a flood or storm. 

Nov 30 2017

Zachary Gates

Locals are being invited to attend the annual Carols in the Park to be held on the foreshore of Lake Jindabyne on Saturday December 6th.

It is again set to be a celebration of community and the festive spirit featuring the community's favourite carols, a Scouts barbeque and a fireworks display.

It will be held at Claypits Park Stage.

Nov 30 2017

Zachary Gates

Snowy Monaro locals are being urged to take caution on roads after a one-day state-wide traffic operation held on Wednesday.

Police reveal Operation Compliance 5 saw more than 1000 fines for mobile use handed out, as well as more than 300 for not keeping left and more than 500 defects.

Assistant commissioner Michael Corboy says the operation should serve as a warning for drivers of the risks on NSW roads.

Mr Corboy says it's disturbing to see so many vehicles not roadworthy still out on roads throughout the state and putting other road-users at risk.

A total of 354 lives have been lost on NSW roads this year.

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