Mar 30 2017

By Georgia Holland


There will be a school community meeting on the proposed Kalkite street reopening today at 5:15pm at Jindabyne Central School library.

Administrator for Snowy Monaro Regional Council, Dean Lynch will be presenting a number of concept plans on developing Park Rd and Snowy River Avenue.

Members of the school say its an opportunity to ask questions about the re-opening of Kalkite St and changes to the roads around the school.

Mar 30 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Snowy Mountains region has recorded its fifth straight quarter of visitor growth, according to tourism research Australia.

Visitors spent $543 million when in the region, a 29% increase on the previous year.

Tourism Snowy Mountains are thrilled with the results saying that the region is now regarded as a year-round place to visit.

They add that the growth is testament to the work of Tourism Snowy Mountains who implemented successful marketing campaigns over the past few years.

Mar 29 2017

By Georgia Holland


Approximately 20 Girls from Monaro High School will get the opportunity to try a trade today with the arrival of the SALT Bush Tour.

Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen or SALT has been running workshops over the last two weeks in the region to encourage young women to consider a career in a trade.

The workshops also aim to get local employers thinking about taking on more women as apprentices in industries that are traditionally male dominated.

The workshops are run by experienced tradeswomen, and hope to give young women an idea of what it takes to be a tradeswoman and the myriad of job opportunities available.

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