Jun 23 2017

By Georgia Holland


There's growing community concern about the lack of public transport in Jindabyne.

Many locals and visitors have turned to social media to vent their frustrations, with one woman saying its embarrassing the town cant offer a taxi service.

A few commented that it's dangerous, visitors not realising there's minimal transport and then having to take their bags, with some having to hitchhike.

Many offered the idea of the ride sharing service - Uber - however the low summer population doesn't meet their requirements.

Police are warning the community with limited transport to not drink and drive after a night out.

Jun 23 2017

By Georgia Holland


Labor Leader Luke Foley has laid out his commitments to regional and rural NSW if elected in 2019.
In his Budget Reply speech, Mr Foley reiterated Labor’s support for selling the state’s share of the Snowy Hydro scheme to the Federal Government – but only if every dollar of the proceeds are spent in regional NSW.

The sale would also be on the conditional guarantee of ongoing public ownership.
He says the $4 to $5 billion in proceeds will be used to improve regional schools, TAFEs, hospitals, roads and sporting infrastructure.
In the lead up to 2019, Mr Foley says he will visit the regions to hear directly from local communities.

Jun 22 2017

By Georgia Holland


It was a busy night for local police last night, as well as their increased presence targeting drink and drug affected drivers, they also attended a number of incidents.

A 22 year old man from South Australia has been charged and will appear in court after assaulting a police officer last night.

He was drinking at a local pub and consumed an unknown quantity of alcohol.

At approximately 10pm staff were alerted to his level of intoxication and he was told to leave the premises.

He wanted to argue with staff and didn't want to leave and as a result him resisting, police were notified.

He then began to argue with staff, pushing and shoving security and becoming quite aggressive.

Security restrained the man until police arrived.

After further thrashing about, Police carried him out of the premises, as they got to the rear of the police car he continued to thrash around and kicked a policeman 4 times in the face.

As a result, he received a spray of OC spray and after a short period settled down.

He was taken to Jindabyne police station and charged, after the alcohol had worn off he was bailed and released to appear in court 6 weeks.

The Policeman who was assaulted is fine.


In another incident one man was caught for a mid range PCA at Jindabyne at 1:38am this morning.

The 36 year old was pulled over on Gippsland Street.

He stopped and tested positive for alcohol. He was taken back to the police station where he recording a reading of .126.


In another incident, a 19 year old Queensland man was assulted by another Queensland man.

They had a number of drinks at various locations around Jindabyne.

When they got back to the accommodation they had some disagreements which led to a wresting match and then to punching.

One man sustained a small cut on the right side of his face, he says he was unconscious, however that hasn't been confirmed.

Police are still looking for the other people involved, they believe four people travelled together from Queensland and were planning to leave today. They are continuing the investigation

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