May 12 2017

By Georgia Holland


Today marks one year since the merger of Snowy Council to form Snowy Monaro
Regional Council.

Upon reflection, Administrator for Council, Dean Lynch, says "It’s been a year of growth and achievement for the region".

While there was some reluctance for the three former shires to come together, he says communities have seen unprecedented levels of investment and funding.

From the merger the region has had $15million allocated for major projects to boost the Snowy Monaro.

May 12 2017

By Georgia Holland


Over 5000 local residents were affected by a power outage this morning.

The outage stretched from past Adaminaby to Shannons Flat and down through Jindabyne and Dalgety.

Power switched off at approximately 4:30am and Jindabyne had their power back at 5am.

May 11 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Monaro Team Rural Fire Service are continuing Hazard reduction program today.

Tee Tree Creek hazard reduction situated East of Michelago will commence stage two.

Smoke will be visible from the Monaro Highway and under a southerly influence, there may be smoke drift into the ACT.

For updates you can check the NSWRFS website or contact the Fire Control Centre on 64550455.


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