Apr 03 2017

By Georgia Holland


Motorists are advised of changed traffic conditions on Alpine Way east of Thredbo this week for work.

Work will take place about three kilometres east of Thredbo and involves replacing two large concrete drains under the road, improving the stability of the road and ensuring stormwater is quickly removed from the surface.
Weather permitting, work will be carried out from today until Friday the 7th of April between 7am and 5pm.
Changed traffic conditions will be in place during works, including alternating traffic conditions between today and Wednesday.

Mar 31 2017

By Georgia Holland


As daylight savings ends and winter looms, bike riders across the Snowy Mountains are being urged to make sure their bikes are fitted with working lights.

Anyone riding without lights can be fined by police.

To make sure riders can be seen by other road users, and are complying with the law, riders need a front white light and rear red light when it's dark.

The front light must be able to be seen from 200 metres away and should be attached to the handlebars, while the red light should be attached to the seat post.


Mar 31 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Monaro Highway is CLOSED in both directions, due to a serious car and motorcycle crash south of Old Cooma Road.

Motorists are being diverted via Williamsdale Road, Burra Road and Old Cooma Road.

Travellers are being advised to take it easy on the back roads as traffic will be heavy.

There is no time frame as to when the highway will reopen. 

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