Mar 10 2017

By Georgia Holland


There has been an increase in scam calls across the Snowy Mountains recently.

The Australian Taxation Office is warning residents to be aware of fraudsters intimidating people into paying a fake tax debt over the phone.

The scam attempts to force people to pay over the phone by threatening arrest if they don’t comply.

The ATO is urging people to protect their personal details.

Generally the ATO would send an SMS or letter to remind you that a payment was due.

If people receive a call from the ATO and are concerned about providing their personal information over the phone, they should ask for the caller’s name and phone them back through the ATO on 1800 008 540.

People should also contact the ATO via this number if they think they may have fallen victim to a phone scam.

Mar 09 2017

By Georgia Holland


Snowy Monaro Regional Council is inviting the Bombala, Delegate and surrounding communities to waste information sessions.

The sessions will discuss the future plans for Resource and Waste Management in the areas. 
Topics will include: recycling information, landfill access and hours, and the future of both the Bombala and Delegate Landfills.
The session in Delegate will be held on Tuesday March 21st and the Bombala Session will be held on Monday March 27th.
Recently the security of the Bombala and Delegate waste facilities were changed.

The community and businesses will only have access to the facilities during the designated operating hours.

Mar 09 2017

By Georgia Holland


Corrective Services NSW has rolled out its $237 million dollar four year strategy to reduce re-offending.

Expressions of interest are open for professionals in the behavioural or health sciences to deliver programs to adult offenders that will help reduce reoffending.

They are asking for professionals to put their hands up for leading behaviour change programs at community corrections locations in Sydney and regional NSW.

The programs target offending behaviour related to addiction, aggression and domestic abuse.

Training will be held every month until the end of this year in Sydney and regional locations.

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