Aug 21 2017

By Georgia Holland


Cooma north public school Stage 3 had an exciting day of welding last week.

Parent, carers as well as volunteers interested in being a part of the school community joined in on the day.

Teachers say it was extremely impressive to witness the creativity of students as they wrangled their way through the hundreds of kilos of odd scraps to create metal masterpieces.

Old bike sprockets, horseshoes, nuts, bolts, bearings and pulleys were magically transformed into robots, motorbikes, garden features, tanks, trucks and even fruit!

Another welding day will be held on Friday 8th September.

The masterpieces will be up for auction on Wednesday 20th September.

Aug 21 2017

By Georgia Holland


Residents have taken to social media to warn local drivers about the dangers of driving with snow on windscreens and on the roofs of cars.

One man says it's just plain irresponsible.

NSW traffic and highway patrol pushed the same message earlier in the month.

They say they are pulling drivers over for having snow built up on windscreens.

Adding, even in the snow, drivers must always have a clear view through the front windscreen.

Aug 21 2017

By Georgia Holland


NSW Ambulance paramedics have so far responded to more than 100 calls for injury, trauma and illness in the southern snowfields this winter.

Perisher Valley Team Leader Mick Couvee, a veteran of 23 snow seasons, says he and his team had attended 38 calls in June, 31 in July and over 40 so far this month.

On the roads, Paramedic Couvee is reminding motorists that Operation Snowsafe is underway, during which NSW Police are patrolling the roads, making sure people arrive and leave safely.

He adds roads see ice and slush – motorists have to apply chains if they’re in a two-wheel drive car.

Four-wheel drives are exempt, but people should still drive slower and drive to the conditions.

Police and Roads and Maritime Services say they will be conducting regular chain bay inspections, with fines in excess of $300 for non compliance.

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