Jul 03 2017

By Georgia Holland


With a cold snap predicted over the next few days, Fire & Rescue NSW is urging residents to take every precaution to avoid a fire in the home.

The cooler months see a 10% increase in the number of home fires, with more fires in bedrooms and loungerooms due to heaters and electric blankets.

They're reminding locals to be careful when using heaters and to keep everything in the house at least a metre away.

They're also advising residents to ‘keep looking when cooking’ to avoid kitchen fire catastrophes.

Kitchen fires account for 45 per cent of all residential fires and 34 per cent of injuries in NSW.

Jun 27 2017

By Georgia Holland


A string of drink and drug drivers were caught over the weekend in the region, particularly in Jindabyne.

It's left some residents concerned over alcohol free zones and the lack of public transport available during the winter season.

On Friday in Cooma police stopped a motor vehicle in Barrick Steet who tested positive for methamphetamine.

On Saturday in Jindabyne, Police stopped a motor vehicle on Gippsland street who tested positive for alcohol.

In a separate incident police stopped a 25 year old male on Clyde street who tested positive to alcohol.

As well as a 23 year old male who recorded a reading of 096 grams of alcohol.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Rod Smith says as part of operation Snow Safe police are targeting drink drivers.

Jun 27 2017

By Georgia Holland


On Saturday in Jindabyne, Police stopped a 20 year old male on Kosciuszko Road near Barry Way.

He is staying in Jindabyne for the snow season.

Whilst there, police could smell what they believed to be cannabis.

A breath test was conducted, which was negative.

After speaking to the driver, police saw two bags in the driver side door, they searched the vehicle and found 30g of cannabis.

He was placed under arrest and taken to Jindabyne Police Station for an interview.

He's been issued a court attendance notice for possession of a prohibited drug.


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