May 12 2017

By Georgia Holland


After the inaugural L’Étape Australia by le Tour de France last December, the organisers are seeking local volunteers who might like to undertake a wide range of volunteer roles over the weekend of the 1st and 2nd December.

Details on the roles can be found via their website, where you can also sign up or ask questions.

Planning is underway to make L’Étape Australia bigger and much better last year.

Snowy Monaro Regional Council say The riders were overcome by the warm reception and the Tour de France atmosphere;

96% of them rated their experience good or very good and over 90% said they will recommend their friends to come in 2017.

May 12 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Snowy Mountains Engineering Corporation Australia has been appointed as the lead consultant engineer for the Snowy Hydro 2.0 feasibility study.

Snowy Hydro and SMEC have worked together from the earliest days to develop the iconic Snowy Scheme established in 1949.
Snowy Hydro CEO Paul Broad says SMEC was the obvious choice and it really is a case of getting the band back together. 

The task now will be to revisit some of the proposals developed over many years by the men and women who built the Scheme.
Under the most prospective proposal, up to 2,000 MW of hydro-electric energy could be added to the grid to act as rapid response back-up during periods of high demand and fill the gaps in energy supply.

As part of its commitment to the project, SMEC will reopen its previous offices in Cooma, which will see more than 30 staff permanently based in the town.

May 12 2017

By Georgia Holland


Last week students from Bombala Public School, Delegate Public School and St Joseph’s competed in the Annual PSSA Carnival. 

Teachers say there was a high level of participation and great sportsmanship over the two days with the children keenly cheering on their peers.

St Joseph’s were the winning school and Rosemeath House from Bombala Public won  the Handicap trophy.

Two longstanding records were broken.

Rhyder Wilkie set a new record for the 10 year boys 100m that had been held by Matthew Ingram since 2005.

Also Max Chaplin who now holds the record for the 11 years boys 100m that had been held by Matthew Joseph since 2000. 

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