Apr 06 2017

By Georgia Holland


Crews from Michelago Rural Fire service responded to a motor vehicle accident on the Monaro Highway yesterday afternoon.

The crash was approximately 5 kilometres North of the village.

A caravan rolled on the Highway resulting in the Southbound lane being closed.

The vehicle lay upside down on the left lane with debris scattered around it.

Traffic was diverted around on the old road and flowed easily, however there were minor delays.

Apr 05 2017

By Georgia Holland


The first 6 kilometres of an extended Thredbo Valley Track will open this week giving riders and walkers a preview of the back country trail through Kosciuszko National Park.
Works are progressing to extend the Track downstream and the first section of the extension will open on the 8th of April.
The new section will be open for mountain biking and hiking for a few weeks, before it needs to close over winter when the freeze-thaw cycle converts the track’s surface to soft mud. 
The new section is the first stage towards completing an extended Track that will create a unique, uninterrupted 50 kilometre trail between Thredbo Village and Jindabyne.

Apr 05 2017

By Georgia Holland


Parents of Year 11 and 12 students across the Snowy Mountains are being urged to check school bags this week for consent forms for a free meningococcal ACWY vaccine to protect their children against the rare but deadly disease.

The State Government’s $9 million Meningococcal Response Program was introduced due to an unprecedented outbreak of the disease in Australia.

It is now the most common strain of the disease in Australia, with cases in NSW virtually tripling from nine in 2015 to 26 last year.

It also has triple the mortality rate of other strains.

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