Jul 04 2017

By Georgia Holland


Australians use up to an estimated 4 billion light-weight plastic bags a year.

Greens Marine spokesperson Justin Field says the rising tide of plastic is choking oceans and marine life, polluting rivers and having a toxic impact on health and that of future generations.

Jindabyne Boomerang Bags is hosting their first construction Bee on Tuesday 11th of July from 10am at the Alpine Uniting Church Hall.

They say they would love for locals to come along, learn how to construct the bags and get involved with the initiative.

The initiative aims to reduce the use of plastic bags by engaging communities in making reusable Boomerang bags as a fun sustainable alternative.

Each bag is handmade by volunteers from the local community using donated, second hand materials.

Jul 04 2017

By Georgia Holland


Weatherzone says this week should see 25-45cm of snow for most of the resorts.

The heaviest snow will be early in the week, with Wednesday looking the snowiest.

From Friday to Sunday a pair of weak fronts should only bring a small amount of snow, with winds not increasing all that much.

Conditions will improve at the resorts next week with a high pressure system bringing mostly sunny skies and clear dry nights good for snow-making, especially in the middle of the week.

Jul 04 2017

By Georgia Holland


As the weather changes and snow starts to fall, police are reminding locals and visitors to carry chains when they enter Kosciuszko National Park.

Over the weekend there were multiple vehicles stopped and they weren't carrying chains.

Some were given warnings, others were given infringement notices.

Police say it's mandatory to carry chains in vehicles at this time of year, unless its a four wheel drive.

Fines in excess of $300 apply.

Police together with the RMS say they will be conducting regular chain bay inspections.

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