Oct 19 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Australian Airports Association has launched the ‘Protect Regional Airports’ campaign designed to improve safety and access for the 15 million passengers that use rural and regional airports each year.

Regional airports employ and support in excess of 4,000 staff, accounts for 45 per cent of Australia’s tourism revenue

AAA CEO Caroline Wilkie says to achieve and maintain standards is an expensive exercise.

There are unique challenges in regional Australia including old lighting, livestock on runways and unsealed runways.

Recent independent analysis shows a $170m shortfall in maintenance and infrastructure funding.

The $1.43 million Snowy Mountains Airport Lighting Upgrade was completed earlier this year.

The project, included a repair and reseal of the runway, taxiway and apron surfaces, in addition to a full upgrade of all runway and hazard lighting infrastructure

Oct 19 2017

By Georgia Holland


The Public Service Association is holding rallies across the state today against cuts to the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The PSA says the cuts will leave large areas of NSW exposed to feral animals and has taken the step of releasing photos of recent gruesome attacks on livestock.

The Berejiklian Government is overseeing the scrapping of 13 experienced Area Managers, who the PSA say are critical to pest and bushfire management.

NPWS will also be downsized from 66 areas across the state to just 37 under this latest restructure.

An event will be held in Queanbeyan from midday.

Oct 19 2017

By Georgia Holland


On Tuesday night, Cooma 263 fire fighters brushed up on their HAZMAT skills, carrying out a practical exercise at the station.

The drill replicated a motor vehicle accident where a large drum of an unknown chemical was damaged and leaking.

The exercise was just one of many that the team have carried out through the year, to maintain skill levels in all aspects of fire fighting.

The crew also took the opportunity to welcome two new recruits, Nick and Glenn, who recently completed their 9 day training course at the state training college in Sydney.

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