Nov 17 2017

By Zachary Gates


Michelago Rural Fire Brigade is asking locals to donate non-perishable food items between now and December 1st at the Michelago General Store.

NSW Police have challenged the other emergency services to support food bank NSW.

Last year NSW Police managed to collect 762kg in a chopper. Michelago Rural Fire Brigade says the NSW Rural Fire Service collected 12,802kg.

To make it all happen again this year, a semi trailer will be on the road collecting items.

A collection will be made in the afternoon of the 1st of December to deliver the donated items to the local fire control centre for collection by the NSW RFS semi trailer.

Nov 17 2017

By Zachary Gates


Biking season is here and tomorrow Thredbo's Mountain Bike Park kicks off its season.

The Cannonball Downhill, Kosciuszko Flow Trail and All-Mountain Trail, will open for riding, but with large amounts of snow still around the higher areas of the All-Mountain Trail, riders will only have access from the midsection to the village.

The tracks have received a makeover and are in the process of creating link trails that will connect the current routes together.

Thredbo says the Cannonball Downhill will remain the most challenging of tracks.

From the rocky technical sections, riders will be welcomed with the fast and more open sections on the lower slopes.

Nov 13 2017

By Georgia Holland


A 39 year old man will face court today after he was arrested by the Monaro Target Action Group as a result of a complex police investigation targeting property and associated crime. 

The male was charged with 11 counts, including possession of goods suspected of being stolen, two counts of possessing prohibited drugs and a traffic related offence. 

The male was refused bail and has remained in custody until his appearance before the Queanbeyan Local Court today.
Investigations are continuing and further charges may be laid.

Police say they are continuing to target property offence related crimes within the Monaro Local Area Command.

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