Dec 08 2017

Zachary Gates

Experts are warning Snowy Monaro locals in the lead-up to the festive season, the idea low-level smoking doesn't impact on health is a myth.

The ABC reports professor David Currow of the Cancer Institute NSW, says social smokers often don't think of themselves as smokers, so they don't believe health warnings apply to them.

Mr Currow says the bottom line is every cigarette exposes the human body to harmful chemicals.

University of Sydney professor Simon Chapman, says smoking less than four cigarettes a day, or once a week, does elevate an individual's risk of health problems.

He says compared to someone who doesn't smoke, anyone smoking four cigarettes a day, or even less, is kidding themselves if they believe it's not dangerous behaviour.

Locals can find resources designed to help them give smoking away on the Australian Government's Quitnow website.


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