Oct 03 2017

By Georgia Holland


Members of the NSW Nurses and Midwives’ Association are calling on Southern NSW Local Health District to urgently address nursing staff shortages at Bega’s South East Regional Hospital, ahead of the busy summer holiday season.

They wrote to hospital management and expressed their concern over the rising levels of overtime and growing fatigue among nurses and midwives, exacerbated by ongoing job vacancies not being filled.

South East Regional Hospital Branch Assistant Secretary, Diane Lang, says many issues still remained despite a comprehensive review of the hospital back in May.

"Our hospital services a very large geographical area, not just the population of Bega, and demand on our facility grows enormously over the summer holiday period."

"We’ve highlighted concerns about the regular opening of unfunded beds in our medical and surgical wards, where we are funded for 24 beds but often surge to 28 beds and we don’t have enough nursing staff to cover them."

She adds nursing and midwifery staff are constantly being asked to work overtime and extra shifts to cover the shortfalls, as well as unexpected vacancies such as sick leave.


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