Aug 29 2017

By Georgia Holland


Over the weekend a number of people in the Alpine region were evicted from licensed premises for offensive and undesirable behaviour.

On Saturday night 10 people were removed and fined.

At 2am Sunday morning Police were called to a hotel in Jindabyne where a male was trying to re-enter the venue after being evicted.

As Police pulled up, the 23 year old male ran away, leading police on a chase through the old town shopping centre.

Whilst running away from Police, he stuck his middle finger up at them, then proceeded to run down to Banjo Patterson Park.

After a struggle, he was eventually detained by Police and taken back to Jindabyne Police Station.

A little while later, the 23 year old was dropped off at his accommodation in Jindabyne.

He's been issued an infringement notice.

Police say fines are $550 for failing to leave then another $550 for trying to re-enter.

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