Apr 20 2017

By Georgia Holland


Local residents are being encouraged to attend ANZAC Day services across the region.

On Tuesday the 25th of April local communities will come together and remember the men and women who served Australia and New Zealand in times of conflict.

Services across the region will involve New Zealand elements.

Four riders from New Zealand will accompany troopers from the Australian Light Horse Association Bemboka Troop and riders from the Snowy Mountains’ Horse Riders’ Association.

Cooma: Dawn service commences at 5.45am at the Cenotaph on Massie and Vale Street. Following this the march to the Cenotaph leaves Mack’s corner (Sharp and Bombala St) at 10.45am. The morning service commences from 11am with presentation of ANZAC of the year.

Bredbo: 6.30am dawn service at Bredbo Hall, main service from 10.30am.

Nimmitabel: Assemble at Nimmitabel Hall at 10.30am, march to Cenotaph at 10.45, service commences at 11am with the bowling club hosting lunch following the service.

Adaminaby: Anzac Day march to assemble at the Big Trout at 10.45am and march at 10.50am to the School of Arts hall to arrive at 11am. Morning tea provided by the Red Cross at the hall.

Berridale: Parade and service from 11am, assemble in town square. At 11.30am step off for ceremony at the Cenotaph. Combined church service to follow at 12.30 with the official lunch taking place from 1.30pm.

Jindabyne: 5.30am for the dawn service in Banjo Paterson Park with the Jindabyne Lions hosting breakfast. The Anzac Day march from 9.30am (form at 9am in town centre carpark, step off ceremony in Banjo Paterson Park.

Bombala: Dawn service at 6.15am from the Cenotaph with the main service from 11am.

Delegate: 6am dawn service at the Memorial Gates with the main service to follow at 11am.

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