Mar 16 2017

By Georgia Holland


Snowy Mountains pilots are being called on to take part in a special aviation safety briefing next week in Cooma in an attempt to keep local skies safe.

The briefing conducted by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority will focus on key safety issues which can put the lives of local pilots at risk when flying.

Issues in the spotlight include fuel management and the handling of partial power loss in single engine aircrafts.

The two issues contribute to a number of serious accidents and incidents every year.

Local pilots will look at previous accidents and incidents involving fuel management and engine power loss.

The briefing will also provide an update on new regulations, a reminder about the correct procedures to use at non controlled aerodromes and information on using personal electronic decides while flying.

In addition the briefing is a chance for pilots to give feedback and suggestions to CASA.

The free briefing is being held on Thursday the 23rd of March at 6pm at the Cooma Ex Services Club.

Residents interested in attending are being asked to book online at the CASA website.

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