May 29 2017

By Georgia Holland


Thredbo Fire and Rescue are asking locals to please exercise caution on the roads as they may be subject to snow and ice.

The crew attended a minor accident on the Alpine Way near Thredbo yesterday in treacherous conditions.

At 2pm, 2km out of Thredbo there was a two car accident, someone lost control on the ice and slid into an oncoming vehicle.

A lady was conveyed to hospital in Cooma with minor injuries.

May 29 2017

By Georgia Holland


Police have arrested and charged a man for assault and malicious damage.

The incident occurred on Friday just before 10pm at the Alpine Hotel.

A Caucasian male approximately 40 years old, later identified as a resident near Numeralla, kicked the front doors of the building, shattering a glass panel and assaulted a member of the bar staff.

He left before police arrived, but was arrested yesterday and charged.

May 25 2017

By Georgia Holland


The winter season is just around the corner, and Jindabyne Central School is expecting over 70 students across the whole school during the coming weeks.

Principal Steve Cooper says they've planned throughout Term 1 & 2, and structured the school and classes to be more flexible.

In other JCS news the school are continuing to have constructive meetings with the Snowy Monaro Regional Council.

work has commenced on Snowy River Avenue, and the car-park adjacent to the school.

The work to Snowy River Avenue will include improvements to the unofficial road crossing area opposite the toilet block, and improve road crossing and footpath safety for pedestrians.

The work will conclude before the June long weekend.

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