Mar 28 2017

By Georgia Holland


The critically endangered Spotted Tree Frog reintroduced into Kosciuszko National Park is surprising researchers by showing outstanding survival rates and breeding sooner than expected.
Four hundred of the grey-green coloured amphibians were released into the park three years ago and monitoring shows that more than 50 per cent of the frogs have survived and are breeding.
The frogs were bred in captivity at the Amphibian Research Centre in Melbourne then were placed in the park.

The endangered frog was extinct in the wild in 2001 in NSW, a result of a fungus wiping out the last known wild population.

Previous attempts to reintroduce the species into the park have failed because of the fungus.

The Office of Environment and Heritage says they are quietly confident their approach will prove successful in the long term.

Mar 28 2017

By Georgia Holland


Snowy Monaro Regional Council has put out a reminder to parents regarding parking restrictions within schools.

Council rangers say they've seen an alarming disregard for the safety of students by ignoring the road rules within bus zones and disabled parking areas.

To improve the safety of children, penalties for parking offences in school zones are heavy and demerit points apply.

Rangers have issued several penalties carrying 2 demerit points to vehicles in breach of parking zone restrictions.

Mar 27 2017

By Georgia Holland


On Friday the 7th of April, to celebrate National Youth Week and Youth Homelessness Matters Day, Cooma will host a fundraising event for young people.

The event, held at the Hub Youth Centre, is for 16 to 18 year olds and will include games and activities, a movie and breakfast.

Mission Australia staff will be on hand to urge young people to voice their concerns.

Agencies will work together in an attempt to support local young people so they have access to accommodation, counselling and mental health services.

The sleep in event aims to shine a spotlight on youth homelessness in the region.

Last year in Cooma there were 114 young people aged between 12 and 24 who were homeless.

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