Apr 24 2017

By Georgia Holland


A man with a suspended licence has been caught driving along the Snowy Mountains highway one day before he was due to get his licence back.

Shortly before 7am on Saturday the 22 year old man from Bega was driving in Bemboka.

Offices from Bega Highway Patrol observed the rear taillights on the vehicle were not working.

Police stopped the vehicle and issued the man with a defect notice.

A check of the man’s ACT licence revealed he was suspended from the 21st January until the 23rd of April this year.

The man was charged with driving while suspended and will appear at Bega Local Court on Tuesday 23rd May.

Apr 24 2017

By Georgia Holland


A 24 year old P1 provisional driver has been caught travelling 45km/h over the speed limit along the Monaro Highway, Michelago.

At About 4.15pm on Saturday, officers from the Hume LAC detected the woman travelling 141km in a 90km zone.

Her licence was suspended and she was issued an infringement notice for exceeding speed more than 45km/h.

NSW Police are reminding road users to drive safely and take extra care during Operation ‘Go Slow,’

Double demerits will be enforced until 11.59pm on Tuesday 25 April.

Police are targeting speeding, mobile phones, seatbelt, and motorcycle-helmet offences.

Apr 20 2017

By Georgia Holland


Councils Heritage Advisor will be giving a presentation to community members on the 18th of May in Delegate.

The presentation will include the definition of heritage, what is meant by the term significance, and what listing means for an owner.

They will also provide information on how locals may like to contribute to Councils database on heritage.

The session is free and further information can be found via councils website.

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