Dec 15 2017

Zachary Gates

The Snowy Monaro Regional Council is inviting locals to the annual Community Christmas Lunch.

It will take place at the Hub Youth Centre in Cooma from 11am on Christmas Day, and is a free event open to everyone.

It's made possible through donations from the community, and last year fed and entertained approximately 40 people who the Council says otherwise may have been left hungry or lonely.

The goal is to see no one spend the festive season without a full belly, or a smile on their face.

Dec 15 2017

Zachary Gates

The ABC reports experts are raising alarms in the lead-up to Christmas as to the risks of smart toys.

Dr Robert Merkel from Monash University says Snowy Monaro parents have reason to question, as some toys are able to record voice messages, internet history and location data.

He says this is because many toys from board games to rubber duckies, connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and applications.

Dr Merkel says a doll with speech recognition is only possible due to sensors, microphones and online data storage.

His comments came after the FBI warned US parents earlier this year about security risks associated with toys connected to the internet.

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